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Answer Key For Interchange 1 – Workbook Unit 5

Workbook Unit 5 [Tell me about your family]


Interchange 1 third edition
Interchange 1 third edition

Exercise 1

Males               Females

brother             aunt

father               daughter

husband           mother

nephew            niece

son                   sister

uncle                wife


Exercise 2

DON: No, I’m not. My brother and sister are staying with me right now.

We go to bed after midnight every night.

JOEL: Really? What are they doing this summer?

Are they taking classes, too?

DON: No, they aren’t.

My brother is on vacation now, but he’s looking for a part-time job here.

JOEL:  What about your sister? Is she working?

DON: Yes, she is. She has a part-time job at the university.

What about you, Joel? Are you in school this summer?

JOEL:  Yes, I am. I’m studying two languages.

DON: Oh, are you taking French and Spanish again?

JOEL: Well, I’m taking Spanish again, but I’m starting Japanese.

DON: Really?  That’s exciting!


Exercise 3

2.  Peter is Liz’s husband,

3.  Frank and Liza are Isabel’s grandparents.

4.  We have a son and daughter.

5.  My father-in-law is a painter.

6.  Michael is looking for a job right now.


Exercise 4

CHRIS: Wow! Do you like it?

PHILIP: Yes, I do. I like it a lot.

CHRIS: And is your brother still working in Hong Kong?

PHILIP: Yes, he is. He loves it there.

CHRIS: And how about your parents? Are they still living in Florida?

PHILIP: No, they aren’t. They’re living in New York these days.

How about you and your family, Chris? Are you still living here?

CHRIS: Yes, we are. We really love San Francisco.


Exercise 5

1. This is my aunt Barbara. She lives in Rome, but she’s visiting Chile this summer.

She has a second home there.

2. And these are my parents. They work in London,

but they’re visiting my aunt in Chile this month.

3. And here you can see my grandparents. They live in New York,

but they’re staying at my parent’s house in London now.

4. This is my brother-in-law, Edward. He wants to be a company’s director.

He’s studying business in Canada right now.

5. And this is my niece, Christina. She’s going to high school.

She likes mathematics, but she doesn’t like English.


Exercise 6

*Your own idea*

*Leave comments to help other if you have the idea*


Exercise 7


*Your own idea*

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1. False:  Many college students live in university housing.

2. True

3. False:  Few young people in the United States live with their parents.

4. False:  Nearly all university students live with their parents.

5. True

6. False:  (Rents in the city are very expensive.)

Many young people continue to live with their parents after they marry.


Exercise 8

1. all

2. nearly  all

3. most

4. many

5. a lot of

6. some

7. not many

8. a few

9. few
10. no


Exercise 9

1. Many children start school before age of 5.

All children go school after the age of 5.

2. Nearly all young people get a job after they finish high school.

Only a few go to college

3. Not many people over 65 have part-time jobs. Few people like to travel abroad.

Many people like to stay with their grandchildren.


Exercise 10

In my country, some couples get married fairly young.

Not many marriages break up, and nearly all divorced people remarry.

Elderly couples often live at home and take care of their grandchildren.


Exercise 11

*Your own idea*

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